Bump is a microbrewery in London field made by friends. I developed this branding proposal for their identity and packaging. If you are a beer or spirit business looking for design or artworks I would love to get in touch, feel free to contact me!



The graphic language of the identity is based on onomatopeia marks as a visual metaphor, reflecting on the sound of cheering, the friendly bumpy hand gesture and the expressive properties of the beers unique flavors.

The visual language use color as a visual incentive and clue to the flavour and style of each beer, the illustrative comic art iconography combined with a rough custom handcrafted display typography target an audience with attention to quality and interest in the art of the craft of brewing and its culture. The content text used an early prototype version of my Brian font in regular.

I also created a series of posters with typographic compositions for the different beers to promote the brand guerilla marketing style, right next to the pub. Cheers!